About the Press

The Association of Professional Researchers & Academicians (The APRA) is a nonprofit professional association serving in research and development.

Authors have the choice of publishing with The APRA Press as a traditional book or an open access book. Books with restricted access are free to publish. The APRA will cover the cost of publication and, upon request, give the writers discounted copies. If authors decide to publish an open access book, they must pay GBP 500 for the book's publication, and it will be made freely available online. Please read the specifics for more information about the book publication licence.

Publication license

The author gives the publisher certain rights over their material for the term of the agreement. These rights are granted only to this publisher and might include the right to publish, communicate, and distribute the published work online and to sublicence. How long the agreement lasts can vary, some agreements can be indefinite or perpetual. If the license includes the right to sublicence, the publisher can grant the rights given to them to a third party, for example, to allow another publisher to publish the work in another territory. While the agreement is in place, the author cannot grant the same rights to anyone else.


Open Access Publishing under a Creative Commons license

If the author intends to publish the work under an open license, typically a Creative Commons license, then the publisher cannot claim exclusive publication rights, as the work will be made freely available for further distribution under the terms of the license. However, the publisher will likely ask for first publication rights under a non-exclusive publishing agreement. In rare cases, publishers may ask for a transfer of copyright to the publisher. To understand more about Creative Commons licenses, see our page Selecting a license for your work.