Personality: Acts, Reacts & Interacts


Shazia Qayyum (ed)
Institute of Applied Psychology, University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan


Individualism, Self-Perception, Disposition, Selfhood, Magnetism, Singularity, Charisma , Identity, Nature, Psychology, Personality


Personality is the Acts, Reacts & Interacts of an individual. Owning to its multi-faceted nature, the construct of personality has always been in limelight, especially for academicians and researchers who have tried to explore it in detail. This book endeavours to provide a holistic overview of personality development by undertaking its diverse application across personal and professional settings, while also highlighting the dynamics it creates with other variables of significant importance. These chapters will enable readers; both novice and expert, to better understand the concept of personality and its various manifestations in a comprehensive but comprehensible manner.  


  • Personality Traits and Intellectual Humility in Students
    Muhammad Behroz, Shazia Qayyum
  • Personality Traits and Individual’s Innovativeness in University Students
    Nimra Aftab, Shazia Qayyum
  • Personality, Religiosity and Paranormal Beliefs among University Students
    Maria Muhammad Rasheed, Shazia Qayyum
  • Personality Traits, Psychological Hardiness and Social Competence in Lawyers
    Anum Yaseen, Shazia Qayyum
  • Personality Traits, Performance Anxiety and Error Oriented Motivation in Musicians
    Nazar Abbas, Shazia Qayyum
  • Personality, Reasons, Emotional Regulation and Smoking Cessation Motivation in Adults Smokers
    Ruhsar Sakhawat, Shazia Qayyum
  • Personality, Workplace Incivility and Organizational Commitment in Private Sector Employees
    Rimsha Aiman, Shazia Qayyum
  • Proactive Personality, Career Anchors and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
    Asifa Zahid, Shazia Qayyum
  • Interactional Justice, Personality and Counterproductive Work Behavior in Police Officers Introduction
    Amna Maqsood, Shazia Qayyum
  • Self-Esteem, Goal Orientation and Narcissism in Employees
    Maia Salman, Shazia Qayyum
  • Personality Traits and Self-Objectification in Working and Non-Working! Women
    Hafsa Tanveer, Shazia Qayyum
  • Personality Traits, Religiosity, Spirituality and Mental Health of Government Employees
    Irum Imdad, Shazia Qayyum
  • Personality Traits, Empathy, Altruism and Life Satisfaction in Employees of NGOs
    Ishrat Fatima, Shazia Qayyum
  • Dark Triad and Conflict Management Styles in Private and Public Sector Employees
    Rida Tahir, Shazia Qayyum
  • Personality Traits, Health Orientation and Health Promoting Behaviors in Women
    Nadia Arif, Shazia Qayyum
  • Personality Type A\B and Stress Coping Strategies among Punjab University Administrative Staff
    Tayyaba Nusrat, Shazia Qayyum
  • Personality Type and Work Family Conflict among Women Doctors
    Mehreen Gulzar, Shazia Qayyum

Author Biography

Shazia Qayyum, Institute of Applied Psychology, University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

About the Editor

Dr. Shazia Qayyum is an Organizational Psychologist and Assistant Professor in University of the Punjab, Pakistan. She did her PhD in Guidance & Counseling Psychology. Her research work focuses on employee-employer relationship and trainings with emphasis on organizational conflicts and its management. Her research work has been published in several international and national journals alongwith 20 years of teaching experience post graduate & MPhil levels with a primary focus on Organizational Psychology, Human resource management and Organizational behavior because of her interest and degree in business studies (MBA) along with publishing two books Personality Traits: A study of art-oriented and non art-oriented student (2013) & Organizational Conflict: A study of conflict types and its management styles in banking sector (2011).

As a researcher, teacher and trainer Dr. Shazia’s areas of interest are not limited to organizational settings as she has taught and published extensively on personality development, cognitive and experimental psychology, social psychology and human resource management, while supervising countless students research work throughout her career.






February 20, 2023


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