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 Digital Leadership

The world has witnessed digitization and this change is fast-paced. In order to adapt to technology-driven businesses, we need to understand leadership in its new digitized role. This book is about how digitization has driven leadership? how digital leaders can transform their businesses and explore new horizons? The book will shed some light on the history of leadership, leadership roles and leadership in the digital world. The skills needed to be an effective digital leader will also be highlighted. A section in the book deals with contemporary issues and the future of digital leadership. Leaders always impact others; therefore, it is imperative to know that how digital leaders can impact today’s organizations, what it takes to create digital leaders needed for tomorrow’s organizations? The last but most amazing part of this book will be about the success story of a digital leader, who started his organization from scratch and be able to take it to the height of success using digital technologies. This book will be a promising addition to the literature available on digital leadership.


Proposaed Chapters

Chapter-1    History of Leadership

Chapter-2    Leadership Roles

Chapter-3    Leadership in the Digital world

Chapter-4    Characteristics of Digital Leaders

Chapter-5    Skills required for a Digital Leader

Chapter-6.   Digital Leader in today’s Organizations

Chapter-7.   Contemporary Issues in Digital Leadership

Chapter-8.   Future of Digital Leadership

Chapter-9    Inspirational Leader (success story)


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Digital Leadership: In a Digital World

Dr. Sobia Irum (ed)
January 18, 2023